The face behind the lens







I am Shale Govender, Director of Latash Photography.

I have always had a passion for photography and capturing moments, preserving them for a lifetime. The company was founded my my two sisters and I, this was the motivation behind the name of the company. Ellana,Tashlyn and Shale, combined to bring the name LaTaSh photography.


We enjoy every bit of what we do, it is because of that fact that we will never have to work a day in our lives.


At Latash Photography, we create beautiful, fun and natural images. Specializing in event, corporate, school and lifestyle photography. 



We love to capture the special moments between guests and secret moment's between couples, these are photographs you wouldn't expect to see in your final images. 

These are the memories we aim to preserve.


We are huge on the "little" details, which make the entire day come together be it for an event or a shoot at the beach.

The Latash team are ever willing to travel to ensure your vision is captured. Giving our clients peace of mind, a stress free relationship and content with their photographer is of utmost importance to us.